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The second step, if you want to escape the cycle of Constantly Starting Anew:

Have you thought about how much you are able to focus on a given thing? How long does it take before your mind wanders? Why are you sometimes scattered? If you have already uncovered in the first step what you started and didn't finish, then the next step can come.

The second step.

You need to close them off, thus finishing the unsuccessful moments you've discovered. Those things that you have uncovered, a piece of attention remained on them because of their failure. They were never closed, accepted and acknowledged. You may find even more than a hundred of these. Don't worry. Realize that a lot of attention stayed on them, and This is!, the reason why your attention is fragmented. Also, notice that your attention is not evenly tied to every uncovered thing. Those that preoccupy you more, have more of your attention, those that preoccupy you less, have fewer attention units tied to them. You need to withdraw these in the second step.

The following exercise helped me. Feel free to try it yourself.

Write down everything, every activity, you started but didn't finish, and simply close them off.

Write next to it, "Closed!".

Know that as many times as it comes back, you have to close it that many times!

This is how the ego works. You have to re-educate it now.

In practice, I see that a 35-year-old person has more than 200 things or activities that they started and never closed off.

They left it halfway.

For example, watching series, completing courses, closing relationships, settling debts, attending lectures, reading books, listening to audio materials, completing weight loss - exercises, medical treatments, etc... Somewhere in our deepest consciousness, we all know that a lot of attention is still on these things, activities, even though we have abandoned them.

It's time to close them off.

This is also important because with closure, not only does our focus return to us, but a lot of energy that was previously tied up is also released.

If you want to, and have time, give it a try!

Set aside 2-3 hours for it, and you'll see how many results it will yield.

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