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What signs can be observed if you have hidden traumas. The most easily detectable ones are that we postpone our responsibility, our action. We know we should act, but due to a real or assumed, anticipated event, false data, we don't. We don't take responsibility for it. More precisely, we take responsibility for not acting. We'd rather not deal with it and apply ostrich policy.

We deny it. It's not there.

Of course, we can't pretend to ourselves. By our very essence, we are incapable of it, yet we don't stop trying.
We put a lot of energy, power into denial unnecessarily, but it will never be able to provide the unquestionable moment of arrival. Yet, despite knowing this, we try again and again to encourage, reassure, excuse ourselves. Why? Why do we say or hear,

"Be more persistent, everything is decided in the head. Believe in yourself, you just have to want it. I will heal, I will succeed. I will reach my goal."


The answer to why is,

Our intentions behind the arguments never faced up to the actual reality. Our action, for example, is exhausted in hope. We hoped for the realization of the optimal event. Briefly, we deny, push away even the possibility of self-action on our own reality. Expressed from another perspective, we put a more comfortable viewpoint between our realities, which does not necessarily require an admitted effort. At least we believe that. Their known names: hope, procrastination, later....etc And this goes around and around on the string of promises...

Try it:

Accept the actual reality of an uncomfortable situation for you, its actual presence, possibility, with all its possible data, You will experience that with the degree of acceptance, control over the situation, the power necessary for this, returns to you. Notice how power does not appear in you if there is none, or very little acceptance in you.


Recognition is a good start, from there you need to move towards change with active action. Without it, there is no lasting change. The question is never when you start, but when you give up!

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